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  Join the Foundation by Contributing

The Foundation is incorporated in the District of Columbia. Contributions are tax deductible under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Thus, they are fully tax deductible by the donor.

The Foundation is guided by a Board of Directors that serves without compensation. No part of the receipts of the Foundation will go to the benefit of its members, trustees, or officers. In addition, persons (and their firms) currently serving on the Board, or as an Officer, may not be paid salary or consultant fee for services from Foundation funds. Please support the Foundation through your contributions.

Annual membership gifts include:

  • Patron member $1,000
  • Sustaining member $500
  • Donor member $100
  • Contributing member $50
  • Individual member $25

Pay by Credit Card
- Send an e-mail to our Treasurer, Jim Vickers (, with your name, full address, credit card type and number, or -
Pay by Check - Make payable to the Miles Value Foundation and send to: James R. Vickers, 2009 S. San Vincent Dr., Green Valley, AZ 85614

Value Foundation Programs

We have three funds, in addition to our general operating fund, where concentration of resources and work over the next five years would provide wide public benefit.

Our by laws, with IRS concurrence, state that no more than 15% of the Foundation's revenues can be spent on its administration and operations. We encourage you to direct your contribution to one of the following areas where at least 85% is thus to be spent on Value programs:

Miles Value Institute Fund

The intent of this fund is to develop a national center for public training and education in value techniques. Our first project under this fund was to support the Miles research library at the University of Wisconsin. Contributions to its operating fund endowment are welcome.

Education Fund

The primary focus of this fund is to introduce value methodology into curricula at the university level. Funds are needed to endow chairs to teach Value, provide scholorships to deserving students, develop textbooks and curricula, and to provide films, videotapes and other tools to support classroom instruction.

New Applications Fund

This fund will be used to develop and document applications of value methodology in new areas (i.e., health care, law, etc.) and create a body of literature and examples to cultivate the interest of management and employees in these fields. The Foundation accepts grants to this fund to perform demonstration studies.


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