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  Module I Workshop Approval Requirements

SAVE International has a certification program leading to full recognition as a Certified Value Specialist (CVS) with various intermediate steps leading to CVS. One significant requirement is that each candidate leading to CVS take a SAVE International approved Module I Workshop. Following are the requirements of the Certification Board of SAVE International for approval of a course to comply with SAVE Module I workshop requirements.

All three of the Miles Value Foundation degree-credit courses qualify for Certification Board approval. The requirements for a professor to make application for Module I Workshop approval are as follows.

  1. The Workshop/Seminar Manual stipulates the course must be approved in the name of a CVS (in good standing) or a "full-time faculty member at an accredited college or university". It would be appropriate that a professor's application include a statement to this effect.
  2. The application requires a sample certificate. The only variation for a professor would be that the CVS seal is not required.
  3. A copy of the workbook or text is required. In the case of a college professor, reference to the MVF course material would be sufficient.
  4. Agenda (WS 3) needs to be submitted to insure that the minimum contact hours for lectures and "live or approved case study project time" are met.
  5. Course syllabus (WS 4) needs to be completed. This documentation material could meet the requirements by using the introduction for each of the lectures.
  6. A list of films, videotapes, supplementary texts, and a list of participating speakers along with their credentials must be submitted.
  7. The application, an original and three copies, must be submitted to the Certification Board Office, 10017 Leafwood Dr., Tallahassee, FL 32313, USA.
  8. The application fee. The MVF will pay the application fee for those schools under an Educational Agreement with the Foundation. Simply indicate on the application to "Bill the MVF."

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