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Current Projects

Education Project

The Foundation Board unanimously agreed it should concentrate it effort on introducing value methodology in college undergraduate curricula. Preparation of a Project Plan is now complete setting forth detailed objectives, long range schedule, and funding requirements. For details on the MVF Education Plan, please click here.

The plan includes the following features:

  • Identification of target colleges on which to concentrate support
  • Submission of project plans for gifts/grants from major corporations who support this specific objective
  • Establishment of a Miles Scholarship program

We need:

  • Information on who is teaching
  • What colleges are interested
  • Contact information
  • VE Liaisons with colleges

Sign up to help using our College Form. Check out the MVF College Roll to see who has signed up to offer courses.

Tribute to Larry Miles

At the MVF Board of directors meeting in January 2014 it was decided to create a “Tribute to Larry Miles”. This tribute will consist of video-taping value engineering professionals that had a personal relationship with Larry Miles. There are several “older” folks that fit into this category who have agreed to participate in this endeavor. The current effort is to make arrangements and schedule a time with these people to respond to a pre-determined set of questions that show how Larry Miles made an impact to them and their VE career. Our plan is to edit the series of interviews into a DVD that will record this lesson of history far into the future. To date four interviews have been completed.

Involvement with SAVE International at SAVE Summit

The Foundation has maintained on-going support to the efforts of SAVE International. These efforts include:

  • Reviewing and awarding the best paper presented at the conference that meets our criteria of “function inspired change”. A $250 cash prize is given to the winner.
  • Conduct the MVF Forum. This year’s theme was Innovation and Creativity Techniques.
  • To promote community service SAVE Chapter’s that perform pro bono value engineering on a community project are eligible for a $1,000 award.

Please contact us if you want to help with any of these projects!


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