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  Writings on VM and the Management of Value

The following papers provide information on the Value Methodology and the management of value.  Many of the authors are past and present board members serving the Miles Value Foundation.

Management of Value

A White Paper on Value Engineering
Author - Donald Parker

Creating and Maintaining an Effective and Successful Value Management Program
Author - Jim Rains

Collaborative Value Engineering: Creating a Global VE Network using Wiki
Author - J. Masini, AVS

The Function of Function Analysis
Author - Jim Rains

Manufacturing and Industry

Integrating Lean with Value Engineering
Author - Donald Parker

Using VA to Implement Lean Engineering
Author - Jim Rains

The Integration of the Japanese Tear-down Method with Design for Assembly and Value Engineering
Co-Authors - Jim Rains and Yoshihiko Sato

Design, Construction & Risk

Reflections about Base Cost Uncertainty
Authors - Ovidiu Cretu, Terry Berends and Robert Stewart

How Value Methodology and Decision Analysis are Improving Value Across Borders
Authors - Mark Baza, Nicola Bernard, and Robert Stewart

The Application of Value Profiling on Public Projects:  An Examination of the California Department of Transportation's Performance Measures Process
Authors - Jeanine Cilch and Robert Stewart

Uncertainty Modeling in Multiple Dimentions for Value Methodology
Authors - Robert Stewart and Gregory Brink

Function Driven Risk Management
Authors - Robert Stewart and Gregory Brink

Post occupancy Evaluation for Added Value
Authors - Chad Stirrett and Stephen Kirk


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